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Work Displayed in Congresses/Presentations

  • Athie Martinez, M.J. (2021, November) Looking beyond Social Justice topics with an Indigenous approach Guest Speaker for Social Justice class, Dr. Amy Parent class, at UBC, Faculty of Education, Teacher Education Office

  • Athie Martinez, M.J. (2021, October) A glimpse into Indigenous Communities in Latin America. At the Latincouver, October Latin American Heritage Month. Guest Speaker.

  • Athie Martinez, M.J. (2021, October) The Richness in Cultures and Traditions in Latin America. At the Latincouver, October Latin American Heritage Month. Guest Speaker.

  • Athie Martinez, M.J. (2019, September) Research as life: Community, Reciprocity, Ceremony, Land, Healing and Love. At the Indigenous Research Support Initiative, UBC, BC, Canada

  • Athie Martinez, M.J. & Xaab Nop, Vasquez Vargas (2017, July) Educating and training from indigenous point of view: The Wejën Kajën of Ayuujk People. At World Indigenous People Conference on Education, WIPCE 2017 at Six Nations, ON, Canada

  • Athie Martínez, M.J. (2015, December) Educación para la libertad: Vigotsky, Piaget, Montessori, Waldorf y Freire [Education for freedom: Vigotsky, Piaget Montessorri, Waldorf and Freire]. Conference presented at Encuentro Formativo in Educación Cooperativa, Cancún, Quintana Roo, México,

  • Athie Martinez, M.J. y Vasquez Vargas, X.N. (2014, May) Bridging together the Eagle and the Condor for Indigenous Knowledge on Education. World Indigenous People Conference on Education, en Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

  • Athie Martínez, M.J. (2013, October) Aprendiendo desde adentro entendiendo el proceso de desarrollo curricular culturalmente responsable basado en las experiencias de anciana, matemático, educador en matemáticas y profesora. [Learning from inside: the process of developing culturally responsive curriculum based on  the experience of Elder, Mathematic, Math educator and teacher]. Congreso de Pueblos Indigenas Latinoamericano, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México.

  • Silva Laya, M, Rodriguez A. y Athie, MJ (2012, April) Exploring the difficulties of first-year university students from low socio-economic status in Mexico. American Educational Research Association 2012 AERA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

  • Athie, MJ (2010) Curriculum Development: The Experience of Creating Lessons Based on Cultural Content. 2010 EDCP Graduate Research Symposium, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Athie, MJ (2010) Sharing the process of creating together: Culturally responsive math and science lessons based on a Tipi story. 8th Annual Indigenous Graduate Student Symposium, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Athie, MJ and Parent, A. (2010) Pathways to Open our Hearts, Minds, Spirits, and Bodies to Understand and Share Indigenous Knowledge in a Teacher Education Course. Bridging Hearts and Minds Through Inspired Teaching
    WestCAST 2010, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

  • Nicol, C., Athie, M.J., Keeley, L., Lee, A., Van Ooyen, H., Pearson, M., Snowshoe, S. and Farr Darling, L. (2009) Learning Action research: Challenges of Participatory Curriculum, Pedagogy and Research. Investigating Our Practices (IOP) 2009 Annual conference, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Nicol, C., Archibald, J. and Athie M.J. (2009) Living Culturally Responsive Education and Research: Teaching and Learning With/in Indigenous Communities. American Educational Research Association 2009 AERA Annual Meeting, San Diego, United States.

  • Athie, M.J. (2009) Trying to Surpass Educational Inequality in an Aboriginal Context. 2009 EDCP Graduate Research Symposium, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Crispin, M.L. and Athié, M.J. (2005, October) Análisis de Experiencias Innovadoras desde la perspectiva de la educación intercultural [Innovative experiences analysis from an intercultural perspective] VIII National Congress of COMIE, Hermosillo, México.

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