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Txalupa Educational Projects

   his is the collaboration of amny good herats and free spirits from the Vasc Country and Mexico, working together as family.


Txalupa's goal is to understand and develop each human potentialities, while accepting our differences, abilities and experiences as our uniqueness.


In our work: Amaia Mascaró and María José Athié Martínez had design, implemented, evaluated and improve a series of educational exercises around the following topics:

1.- My community and the World/Mi comunidad y el mundo
2.- Storytelling/ Cuenta cuentos
3.- Creative world: Music, Paint, teather, the Arts Mundo creativo: música, pintura, teatro, el arte
4.- Creative literature workshops/ Taller de literatura creativa
5.- Approach to the Animal kigndom/ Acercamiento al mundo animal
6.- Recycling, ecology and Environment/ Compostaje, ecología y medio ambiente
7.- Mathematics and Science in our daily basis/ Matemáticas y ciencia en el día a día
8.- Workshop of experimental archeology/ Taller de arqueología experimental
9.- Critical Thinking and evolving / Pensamiento crítico y divergente
10.- Technology and Media tools / Recursos TICs

Txalupa Educational Projects initiated with 3 co-founders: Amaia Mascaró, María José Athié Martínez and Iñaki Sainz, in Donostia (San Sebastian) the capital of the Vasc Country in Spain (Euzkederria). It was founded in 2015, althought each member had been working in the above mentioned 5 areas for at least since 1992.


We invite all people who beleive that each person's abilities are our uniqueness and our way to participate in a healthy social community as unity within difference to join us!!


We are always involved in marvelous projects of filming, of storytelling, presentations, workshops, lessons, videos and more!!

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