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This is a developing project. It brings together people from different places and interest to find solutions to World Structural Problems: Environmental and Human Safety.


This is a collaborative project of volunteer work from different people.

This is an invitiation to leave our differences and labels behind and work as one to support each other, and to help everyone to create their own safe and dignifying present.

The goal is to bring rescue dogs from Mexico and other Latin American countries for people who need a different kind of inconditional love and support. The idea comes from my previous experience while being a foster and meeting Luna. When she was around 6-8 months old completely unnurished. After walking alongside Luna for 2 months I was able to leave a relationship of mental and emotional manipulation of 12 years (out of which in 5 of those we were married). Ever since, Luna has taught me to be proud, to honour my ancestry, heritage, my past. But most of all she has helped me to change my reality and destiny gainst ALL odds.

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