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2021 - current

Graduate Research Assistant - European Studies department, UBC Immigration Narrative group under the SSHRC grant on Vancouver

“The Counter-Narratives of Colonialism within Colonial Institutions through Storywork”.

Work under the PI Dr. Markus Hallensleben.

2020 - 2021

Graduate Academic Assistant- Indigenous Education Curriculum Development for Indigenous          

Education Office at University of British Columbia. Work under the PI Dr. Jan Hare.                           

2019 - 2020

Research Assistant:  Stakeholder and developer of the Educational Resources for the “Land-based Mathematical” course piloted at the BEd and NITEP in January 2020. Work under the PI

Dr. Cynthia Nicol, Dr. Jan Hare and Dr. Hart Banak.

August-Dec 2021

Graduate Assistant- IT Liason for Faculty and Sessional Lecturers on Graduate Courses      

For Department of Educational Studies, faculty of Education, UBC, during the transition of Online to hybrid and presence courses within COVID. Work under the supervision of Ms. Shermila Salgadoe and Dr. Natasha Boškić.


Reviewer of Indigenous Education papers applied to the Canadian Society for the Studies of Education - annual conference in 2020.


Research Assistant- National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education

  • Conduct interviews, coding and reviewing the interviews.

2018 - 2021

Teacher Assistant- University of British Columbia, Faculty of Education

  • TA for EDUC 440 Indigenous Education in Canada, course for Teacher Candidates (TEO) with Shannon Leddy

  • TA for EPSE 310 Assessment and learning in the classroom, course for Teacher Candidates (TEO) with Shawna Faber

  • TA for EPSE 311: Cultivating supportive school and classroom environments, course for Teacher Candidates (TEO) with Surita Jhangiani


Research Assistant– Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

  •  Collaboration on two book chapters writing Indigenous and Inclusive education sections.

  •  Analysis of pedagogy graduate programs in Mexico 

  •  Teacher and research assistant of the experience of teachers taking the diploma “Community and education” in Yucatan for Public teachers in Mayan communities.

2011 - 2012

Pedagogy, Curriculum & Evaluation Coordinator –Centro de Diseño, Cine y Television, Mexico City

  • Developed strategy to internationalize and systematize the process of Curriculum Design, Implementation, Training teachers and Evaluation of the 7 Bachelors and 1 MA.

  • Review, design and implementation strategy to get international accreditation for all degrees and the Higher Education Institution


Research Assistant and Curriculum reviewer – Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City

  •   Collaboration on quantitative research of 8 State evaluation centers. Analysis results and coordination of Yucatan study case. Work done with Dr. Marisol Silva Laya.

  •   University curriculum review working team. Work done with Dr. Araceli Delgado Fresan.

2008 - 2010

Graduate Research Assistant  – University of British Columbia, Faculty of Education, Vancouver, BC  

  • Project coordinator of an Early Childhood Aboriginal Literacy curriculum with Dr. Jan Hare

  • Culturally responsive education learning project with Dr. Cynthia Nicol.


Program Manager Assistant – Universidad Iberoamericana, México City

Intercultural and Indigenous Studies Program (Programa de Interculturalidad y Asuntos Indígenas)

  • Collaboration on the creation of the Intercultural Ñöñho Institute (Indigenous University) curricula.

  • Collaboration on the creation of the Ayuuk Studies Center (Centro de Estudios Ayuuk – Ayuuk Indigenous Intercultural University) curricula.

  • Action research participation to improve indigenous post-secondary students’ learning to learn skills.

  • Creation and supervision of an intercultural education online course.

  • Creation and participation of courses, seminaries, and conferences related to indigenous and intercultural issues.

  • Collaboration and creation of 3 papers related to indigenous and intercultural education two for scientific magazines and one chapter book.

2004 - 2006

Researcher assistant – Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City 

Research Institute for the Educational Development (Instituto de Investigación para el Desarrollo de la Educación)

  • Collaboration on a mixed method research in rural and Nahuatl communities, work done with Dr. Carlos Muñoz Izquierdo: Interview process development, SPSS and NVivo Data Base creation, and Results Interpretation.

  • Collaboration on a qualitative research on innovative schools, work done with Dr. Enrique Pieck Gochicoa: schools identification, experience systematization, comparison and results interpretation, and papers collaboration and creation.

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